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Here is a  list of some of my hobbies, projects or interests.

  • Bond - no, not James Bond, although I like those movies as well, but Bond, the classical music group visit them at the official BOND website, or my fan appreciation site

  • Sci-Fi RPG This is the current Role Playing Game I am participating in with some of my best friends. We play once a week from 6:30pm until 10pm usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.  d20 Sci-Fi including Alternity are RPG based in the far-future where just about any technological advance thought of can exist.  If you are interested in playing please visit one of my Alternity web site at   This page is dedicated to a brief description of my interest in Role playing games.   I also have a few sites with some RPG game utilities listed in my favorite sites section.  I've played many RPGs and here is a list of a few of my favorites:

    • Numenera

    • Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition

    • D20 Future, D20 Modern

    • DragonStar and Darwin's World

    • Dungeons and  Dragons 3rd Edition and 3.5

    • GAMMA World, Alternity, StarDrive, 

    • T20, MegaTraveller, GURPS Traveller

    • Lord's of Creation

    • Heroes Unlimited, Rifts, Star Frontiers, Fuzion, Star Frontiers, and many others...

  • Kayla and Justin - my niece and nephew are just adorable

  • Full Contact Volleyball - formerly No Rules Volleyball Okay some rules!  We play Volleyball at Casa Escalante Metairie almost every Sunday from 1pm until we drop.  We play on a backyard court so don't expect much.  If you like Volleyball, but lack the skills required to play at Coconut Beach, give us a try.  Email Andy for details.  Visit XOCOMP Volleyball on Facebook or XOCOMP Volleyball Meetup .

  • .NET and Visual Basic I am the founder of the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group (GNONUG) and I am currently the vblgmentor of the Visual Basic Learners Group that meets in Metairie every Monday night at 6:30pm.   If you are interested in learning to program in Visual Basic.NET then please join us.  We are a special interest group of the New Orleans Personal Computer Club.  Our groups are also part of INETA, the International .NET Association.  Currently a member of GNOCODE.

  • Science Fiction I am very interested in most forms of Science Fiction from Star Wars movies to Red Dwarf BBC TV production.  I enjoy a good sci-fi novel as well as a sci-fi TV series like FarScape, Outer Limits, StarGate or Andromeda, DeadZone.   I also enjoy sci-fi animations like Galaxy Rangers.  My friends and I meet each week for Sci-Fi Night where we get together to play a Sci-Fi RPG or just watch some Sci-Fi show.  I also like to watch Dark Angel, John Doe, WitchBlade, Charmed, MutantX, Invisible Man, and now Enterprise. SCiFiNight 

  • Computers Yes, I must mention computers.   They are very ingrained into my life.  I am a computer consultant if that explains anything.  I have an office full of Pentium PCs and a garage full of older PCs.  I am a programmer by trade, but I have learned to do many other things with computers from hardware to networking.  I am currently studying for my MCSD.  I have completed my 3 tests for my MCP in Visual Basic Desktop and Distributed Application Development and Requirements Analysis.  I also completed the VB.NET Desktop exam. I am now studying for the SQL Server exams.  I am very interested in the following computer topics:

    • VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, MVVM, MVC, WPF, and ADO.NET

    • Visual Basic

    • Windows 95 through Windows 8, Linux, Android

    • Microsoft Office

    • SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and MySQL

    • XML, XSL, XSLT, XAML, JSON, HTML5, jScript

  • Hot Sauce I love hot sauce.  Especially those with habanera peppers.  Visit my new hot sauce site when I finally finish it.

  • Traveling... did I mention traveling, recently our trips have brought us to Belize, Australia, Disney World in Orlando, Hawaii, AstroWorld in Houston, Cedar Point in Ohio, and Gulf Shores.  We will be going to New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts soon.

  • Game Night We often get together each weekend with friends to play board games.  We have been playing games like Cranium, Sequence, and others.  Our website is at 

  • Bowling Night Come join us at Colonial Lanes every Friday evening at 10pm.  Bill, Renee, Andy, Nicole and I are the consistent bowlers, but we welcome all our friends to join us.  We usually bowl from 10 till midnight, so drop by and bring your bowling shoes.  Colonial Lanes is located in Harahan on Jefferson Hwy.

  • Swing Dancing My wife and I just completed an course in Swing Dancing.  Not that I am any good, but look for us at a Swing Dance event near you.  :)

  • Kelly Pool Saturday nights after 9pm we play pool at the Legendre's Country Club.  If you are interested in shooting pool, just email me.  Don't forget to bring your nickels.

  • Camping and White Water Rafting Ever since high School Academic Games Olympics, I've loved camping and White Water Rafting  We really enjoyed two rafting trips in Australia in 2001.  In 2002 we went white water rafting once again.  We go camping with my son's scout troop.

  • D&D Miniatures I have recently gotten into D&D Miniatures and I have collected 99% of the miniatures available.  I have played in over 400 DCI tournaments and 1000 matches.  I am currently ranked 1st in 3 categories in the state of Louisiana and in the top 5 in all 3 categories globally. We try to play weekly when we can get a group together.



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