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FREE Sample .NET Training Modules
Moving to VB.Net
myHood at DevHood
Sells Brothers -- Chris's Home on the Web
SourceForge Project Filelist
welcome to salamander

42 Life, Universe, and Everything

The Current Science of Time Travel


Visual Basic Banner Network - Sign Up

Anonyomous Surfing

PrivateSurf - Surf, E-mail and Purchase Privately
Surf Safely with
Surf the web anonymously!


AmazingRates- Certificate of Deposit Rates- Start Search - Compare, Calculate, Learn


Cert21 - Realistic MCSE, CCNA, Oracle, CIW practice exams
CertCities Microsoft
Intense Prep
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Page-A-Day Calendar
The Making of Tripping the Rift


Russian Password Crackers (Main Page)
Sandman's Essays

Development - VB, Java, XML, XML and WAP Code!
Application Deployment - Setup message 'Problem registering msado25.tlb'
Crystal Decisions - Developer Zone
Crystal Decisions
D e v G u r u - A Developer's Resource
eCodegen - Home Page
Group for User Interface Research Projects
Openwave Developer Program
Q&D Software Development -- Home of COM-Gen 2000, WebForms, and WebMania!
StegoArchive.Com - Steganography Information, Software, and News to Enhance Your Privacy
VBnetÖ Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Whitehill Technologies - Products
Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers

Distributed Computing

DataSynapse, Inc.
Entropia, Inc.
Parabon Computation, Inc. -- Internet Computing is Computing Outside the Box
Popular Power - Home
Putting idle PCs to work on the Net
United Devices, Inc. (TM)


TV Tuner Driver Page

Free Software

Bandwidth Speeds Broadband Internet Connections Modems Tests
Flash Kit Fonts Page
Free Downloads Center - free software downloads, free game downloads and desktop stuff

Game Development

Blitz Basement v2.0
EZX VB Games Programming using DirectX
flipCode - Programming Tutorials
IsometriX project - free isometric engine
Lucky's VB Gaming Site - Files
Lucky's VB Gaming Site - Home
Revolution3D DirectX8 3D Engine for Visual Basic - X-Dream Studios - Home of the RPG Toolkit
The Black Hole - Files
VB Game Programming Web Ring


America's Job Bank job search engine for full-time & contract computer consulting and programming employment opportunities Job Seeker Homepage - Work. Life. Possibilities.


Customize Links
Free Hotmail
Windows Media


Capitol Records
CNBC Dow Jones Business Video
CNET Today - Technology News
CNN Videoselect
ESPN Sports
Fox News
Fox Sports
Hollywood Online
Internet Radio Guide
NBC VideoSeeker
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online
Warner Bros. Hip Clips
What's On Now
Windows Media Showcase

RPG Language Translators

An Onomastikon (Dictionary of Names)
English - Esperanto On-line Dictionary Search Results
English - Romulan Dictionary
English to German
French-English Dictionary
Latin - English Dictionary
Modern English to Old English Vocabulary
Pssst-HeyU! Dictionary Downloads - Languages Beginning With The Letter E
Quenya-English Dictionary
Richard Kennaway's Constructed Languages List
Search Online Gaelic Dictionaries
Sindarin dictionary
The Kankonian language

Sci-Fi RPG

1998 Changes at Giga's UA space
Alternity.Net -- Blueprints of things to come!
Beholder's RPG Zone
Burning Void - Roleplaying and Writing
Chris's Compendium of Free RPG's from the Net
Cyberpunk D20
d20 Magazine Rack- FAQ
Dark Sun = Burnt World of Athas -- Unoffical Material
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition News - Conversion Documents
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition News - Electronic Aids
Elfwood science fiction and fantasy art & fiction
Evil Schemer
Fantasy Flight Games Dragonstar
Fantasy Flight Games
Free RPG List Entries scifi
Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Co
Gamma Hammer
Gamma World d20 by Sammy Grimes (Grimess@mail
Gamma World D20
Gamma World Game Systems
GraveSightGraphics, Fantasy And Sci-Fi Artwork of Eric Lofgren
GURPS Space Spacecraft 3rd Edition
HDI's Official Fading Suns Site
HOME BUILDING house plans home improvement house floor plans construction blueprints - eplans
iG-Tools - Multiple Map Generators
Legends and Lairs
Living Dragonstar
New Classes
Official TSR Product List
Other Tools
Pages Related to Multiverser and its Authors and Artists.
Primal Chaos
Real Map Links
RPG Hoard Role-Playing games, Archives, Programs, Maps, Adventures!
RPG Sheets Role-Playing Game Character Sheets, NPCs, Equipment, Swords, Magic Items, and more!
Shattered Fractine
SourceForge Project Filelist
SQP - On the Cutting Edge of Fantasy Art Since 1973 - Home
SSDC Games That Unleash Your Imagination
Star Frontiers Now and Forever
SWRPGNetwork - SW-RPG news, content, and discussion
Tamerthya Home Page
Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies
The Creature Catalog- Your #1 Source for 3E Converted Monsters
The Dragonlance Nexus Creatures of Ansalon
The Legolas RPG Index
The Star Wars RPG Database
The Stuff Heroes are Made Of
TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map
Venustech Studios Color Portfolio
Walk the Road
Warehouse 23 Basement
Wizards of the Coast - Star Wars Roleplaying Game - Core
Wizards of The Coast



User Interface Design

Unofficial Winamp skin specs 1.2.1


AnalogX - Downloads [Network]


15 Seconds Creating a List Server with ASP
Yahoo! Groups VBLG

Virus Scan

CERT Advisory CA-2001-26 Nimda Worm
Trend Micro HouseCall free on-line virus scan

Visual Basic

Crystal Decisions - Developer Zone - Visual Basic Tutorials
Rockford Lhotka
Seagate Software - Developer Zone
VB-World - Database Development - Articles - Quick Start Guide to SQL Server 7 - Introduction - PrettyCode.Print Registration
VBDiamond Visual Basic Portal
VBnet Code Library TOC by Topic
VBXML.COM - For all your XML, XSL, WAP and BizTalk needs
Visual Basic .NET Upgrade Guide
Visual Basic Internet Programming
VSM Archives
Zarr's VB Website - Welcome

Web Hosting

VIA NET.WORKS, Inc. - Your #1 Source for the Best Shareware and Freeware on the Net!
Radio Station Guide