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I have been working with databases including SQL Server and MySQL for over 13 years now. I have been working with object oriented programming since my years at UNO starting with Ada, C++ and moving to Objective C. My employment history with OOP started with on to Clipper, moved to Visual Objects, later VB with object and components, C++, and most recently since summer 2000 C# and VB.NET utilizing the .NET Framework and Application Blocks. I have used object oriented analysis and design techniques for problem solving and documenting proposed component architectures using such tools as ORM and more recently UML diagrams. I have experience building web applications while I started with ASP, I quickly preferred the newer ASP.NET technology available with the .NET Framework. I often have to implement client side coding with Javascript and have recently experimented with AJAX which allows for asynchronous JavaScript. I am currently the administrator of a multiple PC network that includes multiple Windows platforms working together. The network architecture includes a Windows 2003 server with Active Directory and SQL Server 2000, another with IIS and Exchange 2003, a 3rd for backup and RAID support similar to a NAS. The company network has hosted FTP, websites, active web services, .NET 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 Web Application, and smart client applications. The network hosts to multiple Windows XP machines, some Windows 2000 machines, multiple Windows 98 PCs and Windows Pocket PC through wireless communications. The databases online are SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 7, Microsoft Data Engine, MySQL, Progress, Microsoft Access and a few XML based databases. I have written numerous technical documents for developers and some not so technical documents for end users, including help files and help websites. One server is Linux enabled, but seldom utilized. My skills as a Linux administrator have waned, but at one point I was helping run the New Orleans Personal Computer clubs’ Linux Special Interest Group. I have evaluated over 5 flavors of linux, including Red Hat, Caldera, Power Linux, Debian, Suse and few others. I believe I have good communications skills and I have an interesting array of analogies to help end users and management get a better visual idea of what programmers are actually trying to accomplish. I tend to investigate new technologies before many of my peers and try to envision how these technologies and tools will make me a better developer and help save customer’s time and money. I have mentored numerous developers and I helped start the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group. I often give presentations at the GNONUG and I have been invited to the International .NET Associations annual meetings that were held at TechEd 2002 and TechEd 2003. My most recent presentation was on new technology available for Visual Studio 2005. I am always working towards my next MCAD and MCSD.


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