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Here is my crazy idea for a business venture.

I want to create the ultimate FUN Zone!

It would start off in say some old abandoned warehouse our grocery store with tons of square footage and fully air conditioned.

We figure it should have concessions or a grill style dining area that would server the following types of food:

  • Pizza, Hamburgers,Hot Dogs, Po-Boys,Tacos,Fried Chicken, Tacos

We would also have a section for 

  • Health Food, and even Dr. Atkins diet foods, low-carb and low-fat foods
  • Popcorn, Cotton candy, Candy, Nachos, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Snow-balls

The Fun Zone would be composed of many activities.  I have broken those activities into a few categories.  Ones with fixed one-time costs, Ones with recurring but less expensive costs, ones with growing and expensive costs.

  • Less Expensive One-Time Costs
    • Ping Pong    - Cost of table and paddles (balls would require additional purchases when needed)
    • Volleyball    - Costs would include matting, net, and balls
    • Acrobatic Arena    - mats and equipment
    • Role Playing Game tables - some basic books for some RPG might be necessary
    • Board Game tables - Cost of some board games to get things started
    • Card Game tables  - costs of decks of cards, traditional, Magic, and Munchkin card games
    • Tether ball poles    - new balls and cords when needed
    • White board walls  - dry erase markers
  • More Expensive One-Time Costs
    • Dance Floor   - materials for good flooring, recurring CD purchases
    • Karaoke        - stage construction
    • Pool Tables    - cues, balls, and chalk when needed
    • Air Hockey table
    • Foosball table
    • Robot Combat Arena - construction of arena and bleaches
    • Remote Control (RC) driving course - construction of course
    • Space Walk
    • Putt Putt like Golf - construction of holes and obstacles, clubs, and balls
    • Racket ball and Handball court - construction of court
    • Rock Climbing - initial wall and gear to help people
    • Confidence course    - construction of obstacle course
    • Paint ball target practice - construction of shooting gallery
    • Mechanical Bull - cost of bull and cushioned pit
    • Laser Tag arena   - construction of arena
    • Paint Ball arena    - construction of arena
    • Interactive River Raft ride
  • Less Expensive with Recurring Costs
    • Inflatable Waterslide - water costs
    • Music for Dance floor
  • More Expensive 
    • Televisions with VCRs running fun movies constantly
    • Traditional Single game video games    - rental of sets and games
    • Home Entertainment Consoles    - Xbox, Nintendo etc...
    • Multi-player PC game rooms
    • Bowling - cost prohibitive
    • Internet enabled PCs
    • Ice Skating Rink
    • Tiny relaxing Movie theatre


The fun zone would be open as much as possible, even 24 hour during the summer.  Special members fees and rates would be required.

The Fun Zone concept is partially taken from ideas found at DisneyQuest, Celebration Station, Pigeon Forge, Uber Gatlingburg, and Six Flags

Children's games would be available and rates for baby sitters would be possible.  Child care center would be necessary so adults could enjoy themselves.


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