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Ms. Rose, Myself, Renee and Bill at Andy's Birthday Party

Manuel Dennis III is a .NET developer who has been working with Microsoft development technologies since 1993. Manuel is the co-founder of his Computer Consulting firm XOCOMP where he heads the custom software development department. Manuel enjoys VB.NET development, particualarly the ASP.NET architecture.  C# and .NET Remoting has become my new focus on my .NET learning path.

Manuel leads the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group and has been working with the New Orleans community through various developer groups such as the Windows Application Developers SIG, the Visual Basic Learners Group, Programming and Utilities SIG, and most recently he started the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group. Manuel has been training developers since 1995, always pushing local developers to strive to learn the new technologies presented that both ease and complicate developers' lives. Manuel recently volunteered to support the Mid-South region for INETA which makes him the contact point for Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Manuel is married to the lovely Nicole and recently became the proud father of Corbin born in August 2003. Manuel has been married since 1996 and enjoys living in the shadow of New Orleans in an unincorporated city named Metairie.

Manuel enjoys playing volleyball every Sunday with many of his programmer buddies and other friends. He enjoys swimming and white water rafting. He attempts to visit roller coaster theme parks at every opportunity. Manuel is an avid Role Playing Game enthusiast playing d20 RPGs like Gamma World, Dragonstar, and Dungeons and Dragons. Manuel and Nicole enjoy taking vacations to Belize whenever possible.

Manuel's entire life is captured and documented through thousands of pictures and webpages at his site at , please feel free to visit and browse around.


  • Bio
    •     If you are interested, here is a short bio on Manuel Dennis III. 
    •     I was born in Metairie, LA in 1969. 
  • Education
    •         Attended St. Angela Merici grammar school.
    •         Graduated from Archbishop Rummel High School.  
    •         Graduated from Community College of the Air Force with a Associates in Applied Sciences in Aircraft Armament Systems.  (Some might call me a rocket scientist)
    •         Graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology.
    •         Microsoft Certified Professional for Visual Basic 5 and 6 and Solutions Architecture.
  • Personal Nicole
    • My beautiful wife Nicole and I have been happily married since May 1996.
    • We currently live in Metairie right around the corner from Archbishop Rummel High School. 
    • My son Corbin was born in August 2003.
  • Work
    • I am currently working with my wife Nicole and best friend Andy as partners in our new corporation XOCOMP.
    • I develop custom software and I am specializing in Visual Basic, SQL Server, Access, and Crystal Reports.
    • I currently manage an office with multiple PCs running the following software Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, SQL Server 2000, Exchange 2000, IIS and much more.
  • Recreation
    • I enjoy bowling with my friends.
    • I play volleyball almost every Sunday with my friends.
    • I love swimming at my grand parent's pool with my niece and nephew.
    • I enjoy Science Fiction and Sci-Fi role playing games like DragonStar, D&D, Traveller, Alternity, Gamma World, Rifts, GURPS, and Star Wars to name a few.
    • I enjoy watching Science Fiction movies as well as reading Sci-Fi books.
    • I read many computer magazines and programming related books.
    • I enjoy making wacky websites about my interests.  See the Interests Link!
    • I really like great roller coasters.
    • I really enjoy spending time with family at Mardi Gras every year. 
  • Travel
    • My wife and I travel annually
    • In 2000
      • We love Orlando where we go to Disney World and Universal Studios
      • We visit Belize as often as we can.  Our last trip 2000, we spent a month on Ambergis Caye

      In 2001

      • Our most recent big trip 2001 was to Australia to visit a good friend
      • We like going to Houston, particularly Astro-World.
      • We go with friends to Gulf Shores too
      • We loved Cedar Point, Ohio.  We rode the best giga coaster - "The Millenium Force"  over 300 ft high and I think it went 90mph.
    • In 2002 
      • We returned to Belize for our company trip
      • We visited Six-Flags over Georgia
      • We plan on a Cruise soon....
    • In 2003
      • I went to Dallas for a convention and visited Six-Flags over Dallas
      • We went to Six-Flags over Houston
      • We went to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge
      • We went to Six-Flags over Georgia


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